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When you think zombie apocalypse, who would you run to first for protection? The military? The scientists? The doomsday preppers? Dare I say... the government?

Why run to those people when you can call upon the plants of the neighborhood.... that's right... the PLANTS! I mean, think about it, if zombies are after brains (and/or flesh), who better to defend against that than creatures who don't have any brains and flesh [in the sense of human-like brains and flesh]? Don't get me wrong, these plants do look like they can kick some serious butt. They have faces with eyes and mouths and limbs and can run and can fight. They shoot guns, spit fire, conjure up spells, and can heal other plants. Wouldn't plants be the perfect defender against a zombie uprising?

Not so fast, my friends... first of all, these aren't your mindless, slow moving, "The Walking Dead" type zombies nor are they your super powerful, can run faster than your car, "Dawn of the Dead" type either. These guys can also shoot guns, build and fight with robots, and are constantly inventing new weapons and technologies.

Line up your fiercest plants and your meanest zombies and let the battles begin!!


The original Plants vs. Zombies was released in May 2009 as an online-only game. Plants vs. Zombies started off as a 'tower defense' style game: you had to line up your plants and defend your home against the zombie hordes and once the zombies penetrated your defenses and got to the house, it was game over. With this style and ease of play, Plants vs. Zombies enjoyed early success and became an instant internet sensation! In the early 20-teens, Plants vs. Zombies went through some tough times (much like the rest of the world), but it would come out stronger than ever. Game developers decided that the franchise needed a new twist. Instead of keeping it a 'tower defense' style game, why not turn it into a 'third-person shooter?' Third-person shooters seemed to be all the rage as the new decade was progressing, with successful titles as: Gears of War, Mass Effect, Resident Evil, and Uncharted. Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is just the latest installment in a long line of games, comics, and card games for the franchise.


Meet the [New] Characters

Some of your favorite characters from previous installment, Garden Warfare 2, return in Battle for Neighborville, including Foot Soldier (Zombie), Imp and Z-Mech (Zombie), Kernal Corn (Plant) and Peashooter (Plant), but there are also new characters to customize and bring to battle. All in all, there will be 20 playable characters to choose from.

Plants - Nightcap (Attack Class): go after zombies in style.... ninja style.... FUNG-FU style! Oak and Acorn (Defend Class): this mighty pair is sure to match up just right fighting against Imp and Z-Mech [you get a duo, we get a duo]. And Snapdragon (Attack Class): if it looks like a dragon, sounds like a dragon, and breathes fire like a dragon... then it must be a dragon... a SNAPDRAGON!

Zombies - Electric Slide (Attack Class): roller skates and big hair, but don't let this beauty fool you... she'll be sure to 'shock' you with her skills on her skates. 80s Action Hero (Attack Class): more big hair with even bigger muscles, he doesn't say much, but his actions will always speak louder than his words. Space Cadet (Defend Class): who ever said zombies can't be from outer space? Lasers, boosters, and a space vehicle? She is out of this world, man...


Available online multiplayer game modes aren't too different from its predecessors. You still have some of the favorites including Turf Takeover, Team Vanquish, and Gnome Bomb. New to Battle for Neighborville is a 4-on-4 Battle Arena. The best thing about Battle Arena is that you can't pick the same character in two different rounds. Well, maybe it's not the best thing, but it does force you to become at least familiar with each of the characters and their abilities.

Of course, you can always choose to free roam. Just go around, free roaming, collecting things, completing side quests, and just explore. There is plenty to explore and keep you busy for hours.

To give you a quick preview, this is directly from EA.com (and their official Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville website):

FUNDERDOME: The FUNderdome is home to the town's favorite pastime: Rulesketball, a sport where the only rule is there are a lot of rules. But when plants and zombies are fighting, the FUNderdome becomes their Battle Arena, where the only rule is there are only a few rules. *only available for Battle Arena*
Weirding Woods: The Z-Tech Factory close to Camp Near-a-Lake is surrounded by Dreadwood's angry trees and angrier roots, trapping zombies inside.
Mount Steep: Mount Steep is a great place for Neighborvillians to learn about history, mining, and dust. But the real draw is the Cheese Factory.


Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville is currently available for purchase for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. You can purchase the Standard Edition or upgrade to the Season's Eatingz Edition. With the Season's Eatingz Edition you get: the base game, a super rare Wrapping Corn Costume for Kernel Corn, a super rare Downhill-Jingle Slide Costume for Electric Slide, some festive Punchers, and a festive Victory Slab. Visit the official Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville website by clicking [here] for more information about characters, maps, tips and tricks, and to purchase your copy.

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Chue ThaoNov 26, 2019