Facebooks Crack Down on Personality Quiz Apps


Are you one of those individuals who likes to take personality quizzes on Facebook?

Recently, Facebook has released that they will “ban” personality quiz apps. After the Cambridge Analytical Scandal, in which 87 million users had their information accessed unknowingly. It started with the personality quiz app “thisisyourdigitallife” developed by a University of Cambridge professor Aleksandr Kogan. When users downloaded the app, the app then collected individuals locations, their friends and collected data about these friends.The issue is not with the apps itself, but Facebooks policies that were enforced on developers. They were not tightly regulated by Facebook to make sure users data were kept secure. Since then Facebook states that it is taking the step to crack down on apps which are “minimal utility” like these personality quizzes. It doesn’t mean that these apps are actually banned, just more enforcement on developers and their access to users data.

Karisa YangApr 26, 2019