Mortal Kombat 11, are you ready to fight?


Whose excited for the all new Mortal Kombat 11?

The iconic franchise for over 26 years are taking their fans into a whole new story mode with Raiden, fighting to protect the Earthrealm against Kronika, the Goddess of Time who wants to bring order to the Universe. NetherRealm has been unveiling their roster of fighters from new characters, Elder Goddess Certion to the cult classic fighters such as Sub Zero and Scorpion.


Some of the biggest changes in the game involves downsizing the arena. Aiming for players to be more strategic in their fights rather than just button mashing. In Mortal Kombat 10, there were variations to the chapters which players could choose from. In the new version, players will have more control of character customizations from their skins, gear, weapons and abilities; making fighters more of their own. With different modes and challenges players can then put their fighting skills to the test! Like previous games the fatalities and brutalities are still around, but theres also a new feature called Fatal Blow. A powerful attack that can only be used when health is below 30%. With all the new changes visuals are much cleaner, more crisp, Netherealm definitely made sure to not skimp out on the all new brutal cinematic fatal moves.

Mortal Kombat soon to release on April 23 for Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Switch. Pre-order now to get the bonus character, Shao Kahn.

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Karisa YangApr 08, 2019