Shadows, rise!


The next expansion of Blizzard’s successful card game, Hearthstone, is due to launch on April 9. The new set of cards is to release within next few days, but Blizzard has enabled players to open their sweet card-packs right now. There’s a trick, though.

In order to access packs, one needs to participate in the Fireside Gathering. Fireside Gathering is a feature that aims to muster Hearthstone players wherever possible. It may be a university, library, restaurant or simply one’s own home. Once in such gathering, players will be able to take part in pre-release activities like opening packs, creating decks with newly acquired card and competing against other participants of Fireside Gathering.

Apart from early opening of packs, Blizzard offers two Fireside brawls, one that lets building decks using new cards with no class or card-quantity restrictions, and the other that gives pre-constructed decks including cards from the upcoming expansion. You can participate in the pre-constructed brawl, even if you haven’t bought any Rise of Shadows pack.

To do so, join a nearby Fireside Gathering, or organize one yourself. And may the RNG be with you!

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Łukasz ŁowczykApr 06, 2019