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Imagine going out for a joyous cruise on your ship; the calming motions of the waves, the slight rocking and swaying of the ship, the sun in your hair, the sound of sea birds, nothing but clear skies and an endless horizon of ocean. As you drift off, all you can think about is how wonderful and beautiful your life is. Now, imagine waking up to find that the skies are dark and cloudy, the waves are huge and scary, thunder is cracking above your head, the wind is howling and blowing seawater into your eyes, and as you hold on for your dear life, you start to doze off again... only this time, you're just hoping to make it out alive. When you wake up again, you realize you did survive the storm, your ship is completely wrecked and unable to be repaired, you escaped with some bumps and bruises but no other major injuries; as you look around, you start to realize you're on land, but it's foreign to you, you've never seen it before, you don't know what kinds of creatures roam around nor do you know if there are any inhabitants.

Okay, so the beginning scenes to Gilligan's Island are pretty intense, but that must have been what Link was going through too. As Link wakes up on Koholint Island after a shipwreck, he must find his way home by exploring the island, fighting monsters, finding treasures, and collecting instruments to awaken the Wind Fish. Only then will he be able to go home.


When The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening was first released in 1993, it was one of Nintendo's hottest and most popular games on the market. 26 years later, the popularity of the franchise is as high as it ever has been. Completely reimagined and remade, the 2019 version of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is sure to delight die-hard fans of the original and new players alike.

Back in 1993, the game was released with what's called a "top-down perspective." Nintendo has retained the same perspective for this newest release, keeping it as close to the original as possible. They were able to work in 3-D graphics which definitely helps with the overall appearance of the game; graphics are much more detailed. As you can see from the images above, Nintendo has also decided to change up the artistic style of the characters and background, going with more of a "toy-like" design (personally, I enjoy this look a lot more; there's no mistake that it's Nintendo designed).

Of course, with remakes, you keep it as close to the original as possible but also make just enough changes in ways that will enhance the gameplay for the user. For example, much like the original, Link is always equipped with his sword, his shield, a power bracelet, and his Pegasus boots. For this newest version, you can now equip Link with a number of objects [to the X and Y buttons] including: Roc's feathers (which allows you to 'float' around weightlessly), bombs, his bow, the ever-trusty hookshot, a shovel, the ocarina, some magic powder, a magic rod, and a fairy bottle. Now, you can use certain items with the simple push of the X or Y button. Another upgrade is the island map. You can now 'pin' important locations on the map. Had an interesting conversation with a village elder? Pin it on the map. Found a secret doorway but don't have the key yet? Pin it for when you do find a key. Run across weird, but cool, looking creatures of the night? Pin it, because you can.



As you progress through the game, you'll earn chambers. You can then arrange your chambers together and essentially create your own Chamber Dungeon; different arrangements means different results and ultimately different rewards and treasures. If you have a Link amiibo figuring [which is sold separately], here is where it gets really awesome. With your Link amiibo, you can unlock Shadow Link in the Chamber Dungeon.

But that's not even the best part about your amiibo figurines. You can tap up to 5 different amiibo characters from the entire The Legend of Zelda series and use them to unlock 5 different chambers [in a random order] including: Great Fairy's Chamber, Moblin Chief's Chamber, Ball and Chain Trooper's Chamber, Cracked Floor Chamber, and Armos Knight's Chamber. You can also save Chamber Dungeons to an amiibo figure and share it with your friends simply by tapping it to their Nintendo Switch.


As you explore Koholint Island, you'll run into some familiar faces. You have the 'good guys,' Marin, who assists Link and is the first face he sees after he washes ashore, Tarin, the island's resident troublemaker, Old Man Ulrira, always willing to share advice and wisdom [from afar], and Dampe, island inhabitant who is always in the know. But of course if you have the good guys, you have to have bad guys. You'll run into and battle Moblins, Zirros, Octoroks, Stalfos, and.... Goomba!? Hmm... yes, sir! Nintendo was able to sneak in Goombas! In the chambers, you'll not only encounter some of these bad guys, you have to face off against the bosses. AND....... once you defeat all of them and move further and further into the game, you'll encounter Nightmares. According to "If you've managed to make it past the rest of the bad guys in a dungeon, you'll be forced to take on one of the aptly-named Nightmares. These are the toughest foes you'll face, but each has a unique weakness that can bring them down - if you can figure it out!"

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening is slated to be released Friday, September 20, 2019 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. You can get yourself either the Standard Edition or the Dreamer Edition. If you pre-order your Standard Edition today through GameStop, you'll receive a double-sided poster as a BONUS! But be aware, the poster is only available at the time of pick up and supplies are extremely limited (GameStop suggests printing out your order confirmation and bringing it with you; you may also want to call ahead to ensure they still have the poster in store). Also by pre-ordering through GameStop, you'll get free shipping on orders with $50 or more in physical product [not applicable to handling fees].

Head over to GameStop [here] and be sure to reserve your own copy today!

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