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Who ever said that Luigi was just Mario's brother and sidekick or that he could never carry his own franchise is wrong again. Luigi can too carry his own franchise and has been very successful while doing so. Long gone are the days of Luigi taking a backseat to Mario. I remember growing up and playing video games where you could choose to be Mario or Luigi. I always chose to play as Luigi because I thought it would be unfair to Luigi to always choose Mario. After all, most of the games that feature the Super Mario Brothers feature Mario himself as he gets all the fame and attention.

Luigi's Mansion 3 was released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 31, 2019 (perfect for the ultimate fans of Luigi, Halloween, and scary games). The first installment of Luigi's Mansion was released 18 years ago on November 18, 2001, for the Nintendo GameCube (shoutout to those who remember the GameCube!). It wasn't until 2013 that Nintendo would put out a second installment: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. And lucky for all of us, Nintendo only waited 6 years to give us the third installment: Luigi's Mansion 3. If my math is correct, at this rate, Luigi's Mansion 4 will be out in 2022! I can't wait!!!

Luigi's Mansion 3 provides players with two modes: Single player and Multiplayer modes. In Single player mode, users play as Luigi (and/or Gooigi) to explore a haunted hotel (The Last Resort hotel) to rescue his brother [Mario] and friends who have been captured and trapped inside of picture frames. Multiplayer mode allows players to link up with up to 7 of their friends and family to battle it out. Up to 8 players can play ScareScraper: a tower of randomly generated floors in which you must race a timer to fight and defeat ghosts and find the lost Toads and ScreamPark: a Mario Party style minigame battle of two teams. ScreamPark minigames are 'Coin Floating:' "The team to collect the most coins wins. Don't pop your floaty on the mines falling from above or you'll drop all your coins!" Dropped coins can be collected by members of the other team so always be careful and aware; 'Ghost Hunt,' "Defeat ghosts to earn points! Some ghouls are worth more than others." The team that defeats the most ghosts and earns the most points win this minigame; 'Cannon Barrage,' "Work togther to collect cannonballs, load and fire the cannon, and steal another player's cannonball using the Suction Shot!" Although there are a limited number of minigames, ScreamPark is sure to provide endless hours of entertainment for the whole family (and friends you connect with online).

All quoted information is provided directly from Luigi's Mansion 3's official website. Click [here] to visit the site directly.

Wait, "what type of weaponry do I have to defend myself against the ghosts of The Last Resort hotel?" Great question! Professor E. Gadd has once again provided you with the latest and greatest weapon in ghost hunting: the Poltergust G-00. With this weapon, you now have a chance to fight, defend yourself, and defeat any and all ghosts who decide to cross your path.


With Prof. E. Gadd's new weapon comes new features and functions. Such functions include: Suction Shot, "a simple yet effective way to destroy furniture or defend against certain enemies Just fire the plunger, then pull the rope!;' Slam, "while sucking up a ghost, slam it on the ground to inflict some damage. It helps to get other ghosts in on the action.;" Burst, "somestimes ghosts may feel inclined to gang up on you. In such situations, a Burst should do. The powerful air pressure released will blow away ghosts and can help Luigi "jump" over attacks." Two new functions of the flashlight are: Strobulb, "stun ghosts with the Strobulb to make them susceptible to attacks. Once stunned, use the Poltergust G-00 to vacuum them up.;" and Dark Light, "use the Dark Light to reveal invisible objects like furniture and ghost footprints. This rainbow-colored light also frees items or characters trapped in paintings." These new features and functions are sure to help in ridding the hotel of ghosts and saving your friends.

Again, all quoted information is provided directly from Luigi's Mansion 3's official website. Click [here] to visit the site directly.

Don't worry though, you are not alone in this quest to save your friends. By your side is your trusty ghost puppy, Polterpup. Aww... just look how cute he is! How could you not have him with you, helping you track down items throughout the hotel? He's also pretty good at giving you hints of where to go when you get stuck.


Another 'friend' to help you on your journey is Gooigi. Gooigi is essentially a clone of Luigi but is made of goo [discovered and developed in the lab by Professor E. Gadd]. You can call upon Gooigi in situations where you need someone with a bit more "flexibility." Because of his bodily composition, Gooigi is able to squeeze and fit through real tight spaces when still retaining his human shape. But he also has his weaknesses. Be sure to call on when you really need him and in situations where it's beneficial to both of you. The best part is, you can switch to play and control between Luigi and Gooigi. Or, if you would prefer to get help with controlling Gooigi, simply pass a Joy-Con controller to a friend, they will be the Gooigi to your Luigi!


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