A Brand New Adventure: Pokemon Sword and Shield


Enter the magnificent world of pokemon, a place of true wonders and spectacles, with new experiences that can be found at every turn. In the latest installment of this growing Pokemon franchise, we start off in the region of Galar a place of both large, grassy fields and bustling cities of pokemon and people. During the game, you will meet Leon, the current champion of Galar, Hop, your neighbor/rival as well as Leon's younger brother, and Sonia, the granddaughter of Professor Magnolia. She is both Hop’s childhood friend and a young aspiring researcher. Finally, we are introduced to Professor Magnolia, the Pokemon Professor of Galar who specializes in the Dynamax phenomenon.

Dynamax pokemon can be found in Max Raid Battles which is a new feature introduced in the game. These pokemon are considered as boss pokemon and they're terrifyingly stronger than an average pokemon. These Dynamax pokemon may use multiple moves in one turn, neutralize your pokemon's ability or even put up a force field negating most or every attack thrown at it. In Max Raid Battles you are alongside three other trainers who try to take out the Dynamax Boss. When the pokemon is weak, the game will alert you and you will have one chance to throw a Pokeball with hopes of catching it. Don't be distraught if you don't catch these pokemon though because with all tough challenges come great rewards so even if you don't capture the Dynamax pokemon, you will still be given great rewards. This is a hard challenge but with the right team this daunting foe will be easy to overcome.

As a fellow Pokemon Trainer and fan I love to see which partner I can choose to have by my side throughout my entire journey. We all loved to choose Charmander for his ferocious evolution into Charizard or take the cute Totodile who would eventually evolve into the Jaw-crushing Feraligatr. Thanks to the creators, we are introduced to three new starters. Our fire type starter Scorbunny is a small bunny packed with a big amount of energy. Our grass type starter Grookey is a cute little chimp full of curiosity. Finally, we have our water type starter Sobble, who attacks opponents by hiding itself within a body of water. With the new games, we are also introduced to the two newest legendary pokemon: Zacian the Sword Legendary, whose blade can cut through anything, and Zamazenta the Shield Legendary, who can deflect any attack with the use of their shield or mane.


We also have the introduction of the Rotom phone. For those of you who have played the Sun and Moon series, you know that we were introduced to the RotomDex. But in the Galar region, Rotom is in a phone which still includes the Pokedex within itself, but an added bouns to the Rotom Phone is that you will be able to attach Rotom to your bike, allowing for faster bike speeds and even the ability for your bike to travel on water.

As a longtime Pokemon trainer, I always stored my Pokemon in PokeBank for safekeeping. Game Freak has now designed a new software called Pokemon Home. We don’t know much about this Pokemon Home yet, but one good fact is that this app will be compatible with PokeBank. One question everyone is asking is “Which Pokemon will we be able to transfer through Pokemon Home?”

If you are interested in buying Pokemon Sword and Shield, they will be released November 15, 2019. If you want a copy reserved for yourself, you can preorder the game with the link below. These games will be exclusively sold on Nintendo Switch which can be bought at any retail store in the electronics section. With this, I say, "Good luck and enjoy the adventures in the Galar Region trainers."

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Ryan YangJul 06, 2019