You mean Fortnite isn't referring to a fort building sleepover?


Guess what's back!? You either love it or you hate it... and you either get it or you don't... Fortnite Chapter 2 was released on October 15, 2019. Fortnite is one of those franchises that will have its share of devout followers and fans that will travel to the ends of the world to have their chance to shine in the Fortnite world. The phrase, "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages..." applies here so well. You have just about everyone and anyone who has access to the internet playing Fortnite. You have your favorite streamers that play, you have your favorite YouTube stars that play, heck, you even have your mainstream celebrities that play on a regular basis. I've even heard some people say, "Yo, hit me up on Fortnite some time," as if it is an alternative to a dating site and/or social media.

Fortnite was initially created and released in 2017. It has become so mainstream, that even if you're not a Fortnite player, you have inevitably seen its affect on today's society. The Floss, Hype, The Swipe It, Best Mates, Smooth Moves... those names may not mean much, but believe me, you've seen the kids do the dance moves all over town, you've seen sports stars do the dance after making a big play, you've seen commercials selling household items employ celebrities to do the dance moves. Again, love it or hate it, it's been here and it will continue to stay here for a very, very, very long time.

Aside from the catchy dance moves, Fortnite: Chapter 2 offers some new features. Some players feel as though the original Fortnite got very complicated and convoluted towards the end of Season 10. Although it was great that players got to experience a myriad of combinations of weapons, it got to be too much for some. For Fortnite: Chapter 2, the developers decided to downgrade the weapons cache. They decided to remove a handful of weapons to make it much simpler for all users. You can still upgrade your weapon through gameplay, it'll just be a more basic selection to start the game. But, as the seasons go on, the developers will surely add more to the cache, right?

The map in which the game takes place is brand new which includes 13 brand new locations to explore. There are new corners of the world for you to explore, more places to hide, and more water (including exciting new features). More water means more fun in and around it. Players can now do some swimming, fishing, and motorboating. That's right, if you love water in real life, you'll be sure to love water in Fortnite. You can now choose a motorboat as a vehicle and use it to drive around the waterways, you can swim around the island, and you can do some fishing for rewards and upgrades.


Chapter 2: Season 1 Battle Pass

Per Erik Kain's article on, "Here’s a quick overview of everything you can get in the Chapter 2, Season 1 Battle Pass. As always, there are 100 Tiers which you can either purchase or earn by completing challenges. You’ll need to buy the Battle Pass itself with V-Bucks, and you can earn up to 1500 V-Bucks back just by playing and completing challenges, which is enough to buy your next Battle Pass unless you spend it all cosmetics."

According to the official Epic Games website, "Battle Pass progression has been updated to give you more ways to level up. Earn XP and medals from a variety of in-game activities like searching chests, eliminating opponents, completing challenges, and more!"

If you do the math correctly, once you complete all 100 Tiers, you can get 100 rewards and/or upgrades. Game developers have made the challenges relatively easier to complete so that the player at least feels like they're getting somewhere. The last thing a player wants is to be attempting challenge after challenge and get no where or feel like they just keep trying and get nothing in return. But why make it easy? If people beat the Tiers quickly, they're not on the game as long. And if they're not on the game as long, they don't spend as much money..... On the other hand, if people feel like they can beat these Tiers and upgrade themselves quickly enough, wouldn't they spend more time on the game? Can't move forward in the game if you can't upgrade and/or beat anyone because your player isn't as good as everyone else. Hmm... Well, whichever way you lean, just know that no one can better if they don't play at all.

Be sure to visit the Epic Games website and click on the "Creative" tab. Here, "you can build your dream Fortnite experiences." Essentially, you build your own map, fill it with your favorite items and activities, and make your own rules. Once you've completed all of that, you can share it with your closest friends and family or you can share it with the entire Fortnite community. Imagine that, having players from around the world battling it out on a map you created and with rules you put in place. Of course, you can also play on maps created by other players and see how theirs compares to yours. With no shortage of custom maps and rules, you're sure to find one that suits your style and personality.

You can, and should, also visit the "Save the World" tab on the website. According to, "Discover the epic PVE action-building co-operative campaign. You and your friends battle to hold back the monster hordes and explore a vast, destructible world where no two games are ever the same. Build huge forts, craft weapons, find loot, and level up your heroes." Fortnite: Save the World is very similar to Fortnite: Battle Royale (except that you're playing in co-operative mode and not a competitive free-for-all). Right now, if you go to the website, you can purchase Fortnite: Save the World Standard Edition at 50% off its regular price. If you buy the Standard Edition, you'll also receive 7 llama packs including Founders Loot and 4 in-game banner icons. You can also buy the Fortnite: Save the World Deluxe Edition [also at 50% off regular price]. You'll receive a rare starter weapon pack, exclusive Founders pistol, starter Heroes pack with 8 Heroes, 33 llama packs including Founders packs, 50 extra vault inventory slots, 10 in-game banner icons, and 10 XP boosts for you and 10 to share. However, please be aware that Fortnite: Save the World is not available on Nintendo Switch or mobile devices, the price (50% off regular price) is for PC/Mac only, and that the pricing and timing may vary for other platform retailers. Nonetheless, get with your closest friends and go Save the World.


Visit the official Epic Games website today to find out more about Fortnite: Chapter 2 by clicking [here]. You can watch more trailers, see more screenshots, keep yourself updated with the latest news from the Fortnite world, and download the game itself (if you haven't done so already) among many things. Also available through the official website is the ability to purchase the latest and greatest merchandise from apparel to accessories and from action figures to other collectibles.

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