Apex Legends


Apex Legends was released on February 4th 2019 by the developer Respawn Entertainment, creators of Titanfall 1 and 2 and published by Electronic Arts. The day it was released the game reached over a million players and within in a month, 50 million players. This free to play battle royal game was created based off the world from Respawn’s game Titanfall, but it is not a continuation of the storyline. It is set 30 years after in the world of Titanfall.

For those not so sure of the story line, Apex Legends is after the Frontier war in which it left the Frontier lands uninhabitable. Individuals began seeking for the Outlands due to resources and new opportunities, but they must fight against others who have also made their way to the Outlands. Thus, the Apex games came about in which Legends from across the world come to compete for money, fame and glory.

The game play focuses on players coming together in a 3 man squad choosing from a selection of characters. Each character known as Legends fall into a particular class, from your standard shooter, tracker, medic, defensive and offensive characters. These legends have different skill sets that players can strategically combine to create unique teams. So, if you’re not the greatest shooter, there are other characters with skill sets you can use to help your team. These teams are then setoff to the island of Apex games by drop ship and must scavenge for their weapons and supplies. There is a total of 20 teams fighting against one another and time as the map slowly shrinks. If a teammate is eliminated from the game, they will drop their weapons and a banner. Returning to the game, their teammates must collect the banner and take it to a Spawn Beacon. To communicate within the game players, have the option of speaking over mic or the contextual single button communication system. The system uses a yellow marker that allows players to communicate location, weapons, enemies and other supplies to their teammates. The marker only lasts for 15 seconds but is a helpful way to communicate without using the mic. How to win? To be the last team standing!

Within the game, players have the ability to level up by earning XP in playing matches. As they level up, rewards can be earned such as Apex packs and Legend tokens, but the level system is capped off at 100. Apex packs contain cosmetic items or crafting currency. Legend tokens earned by playing standard matches can be used to unlock other Legends. If you’re looking to purchase items or advance your characters to help you gain an advantage on other teams, sorry you’re at a lost.

Recently on March 19th 2019, Apex Legends just released its Battle pass for Season 1 (which lasts for 3 months) with a new Legend to the game - Octane, cosmetic items and weapons.

The game is available for download on Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

Karisa YangMar 29, 2019