League of Legends: General Guide to Ekko!


Half way into season 9 for League of Legends, Ekko quickly gained popularity in the jungle. He is really overpowered in the right hands; literally unstoppable and I’m here to tell you why. He is capable of slowing/stunning, chasing/escaping and outplaying with his ultimate, Chronobreak. In my opinion, even outside of the jungle role, he is really strong at mid and could be decent at top.



Z-Drive Resonance (Passive), “Ekko's Zero-Drive charges his spells and attacks with temporal energy. The third hit deals bonus damage and, if the target is a champion, Ekko gains accelerated movement speed”. This passive is extremely useful. If you proc it, it allows you to chase or escape even harder while doing a ton of damage along with it. Imagine a scenario where you get baited into an enemy gank. You E in and throw your Q and auto attack to proc your passive. You see the enemy coming at you but because of the movement speed you gain, you’re able to make the swift decision of running away or if you’re dead, just fully commit into confirming your kill.


Timewinder(Q), “Ekko throws a temporal grenade that expands into a time-distortion field upon hitting an enemy champion, slowing and damaging anyone caught inside. After a delay, the grenade rewinds back to Ekko, dealing damage on its return”. This is the main skill you want to max simply because it’s your main damage skill and it’ll clear any lane waves and jungle camps easily.


Parallel Convergence(W), “Ekko's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage to low health enemies. He can cast Parallel Convergence to split the timeline, creating an anomaly after a few seconds that slows enemies caught inside. If Ekko enters the anomaly, he gains shielding and stuns enemies by suspending them in time”. You max this skill last because you just need it for it’s CC though you’ll need it for level 1 to clear your camps effectively. It’s provides a passive effect, “Ekko's basic attacks deal bonus magic damage to enemies under 30% health equal to 3% (+[3% Ability Power]%) of their missing health. Deals a minimum of 15 damage, and a maximum of 150 damage vs. minions and monsters”. To get the stun off is pretty hard since there is a 3 second delay before it’s actually casted but even then, the whole zone becomes a zoning ability with a slowly field forcing the enemy to run around it.


Phase Dive(E), “Ekko rolls evasively while charging up his Z-Drive. His next attack deals bonus damage and warps reality, teleporting him to his target”. Just a simple dash in any directions which allows you to go over walls as well. You max this second.


Chronobreak(R), “Ekko shatters his timeline, becoming untargetable and rewinding to a more favorable point in time. He returns to whenever he was a few seconds ago and heals for a percentage of the damage received in that duration. Enemies near his arrival zone take massive damage”. There will be a ghostly image that trails you as you play. It basically just brings you back to that point in time of where you were. This ability provides huge outplay potential as well as easy tower dives. Once it reaches to late game, this skill comes off cooldown absurdly quick as well being sub 60 seconds. Imagine getting dove every minute.

Skill Order

Incase you skipped what I wrote earlier and didn’t want to entirely read all of that, you max Q, E, W and you get your R as soon as you can.

The skill order is W -> Q -> E -> Q -> Q -> R -> Q -> E.

It’s important to start W at level 1 for the passive


You want Dark Harvest if you’re jungle and if you’re mid lane, you probably want to stick to electrocute.



On the domination tree, you could choose Zombie Ward or Eyeball Collection as a choice. For the secondary, inspiration, you could get either boots or perfect timing, it is a matter of preference. For solo laning (with the electrocute tree), it is ideal to get biscuits as well time-warp tonic for better engage or disengages.


Ideally, don’t worry about ganking any lanes until you hit level 3 for your skill kit. Ganking is really simple due to your dash(E) that allows you to engage. If the enemy isn’t watching, you can easily sneak up and if you think a certain bush is warded, you can easily get around a wall quickly just by using your E. Once you get your R, you can simply just drop your W under enemy turrets and just run in there. If you touch your W, you get a shield that would help and more importantly, you will be stunning the enemy for 2 seconds. Whether you get the kill or not for your team, you can just press R and you’ll return to safety as well as gaining all the health that you have lost. Since you will be building full damage with him as well, he’s practically an assassin mage that is all around fast. You throw out 1 Q and the lane wave is cleared. If you happen to play him mid, the gameplay would be similar where you would just clear your mid wave and just run to do what I mentioned above, tower diving the weaker side lanes (bot ideally since you should be having level advantages over them).


The build path is pretty identical for jungle and mid lane. You’ll start off with Hextech Protobelt-01 always, whether you are jungle or mid. It is the best item choice as it provides you more mobility to engage while giving you plenty of damage and tankiness. The build path generally goes like this:

Jungle – Hunter’s Talisman/Potion -> Blue Enchantment Jungle item -> Runic Echos -> Boots -> Hextech Protobelt(Revolver first) -> Upgrade boots -> Lich Bane/Hourglass/Deathcap

Mid – Corrupting Potion -> Dorans Ring -> Boots -> Hextech Protobelt(Revolver first) -> Morello/Hourglass/Lich Bane -> Upgrade your boots - > Deathcap

You could get more damage if you like or hourglass for more survivability. Deathcap is usually a last choice. You could also throw in a dark seal ring if you are really ahead of the game so you could snowball even harder.

Overall, his gameplay is pretty straight forward. You’re super annoying being able to get away from the most dangerous situations even if you put yourself in them such as tower diving. You one shot any squishy without too much effort once you get all your items. Most of all, it’s extremely fun where after one game, you’ll definitely want to play him again. Also, his new skin, “True Damage” is amazing and would highly recommend it if you enjoy the champion.


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