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Think of carrots. Think of celery or a salad. Even pizza or fried chicken. Now, think of a sauce that would make the perfect match when added to these foods. Maybe preferably something thick, kind of sour, but tangy, something rich in flavor and adds in just the right amount of extra zing to your meals. Did these things make you picture Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing?

In 1949, Steve Henson (The Nebraska-born cowboy) went to Alaska to work as a plumber for 3 years, part of his job was cooking for his fellow workers. While cooking in Alaska, Steve refined a recipe for buttermilk dressing. In 1954, Steve Henson, and his wife Gayle, purchased 120 acres of land outside of Santa Barbra, California. For many years they hosted guests from across the country who came to visit their ranch and enjoy the meals by Steve. Income from the ranch alone was not enough to keep the 120 acres, so Steve ended up selling 54 acres of it.

Steve began to construct his own salad dressing by using the blend of buttermilk with different herbs and spices. With the new dressing, he served it to guests who would visit, and they took a liking to the taste. Not long after, people would ask if they could take some home and soon enough, word spread. Steve began sending packets of his home-made dressing all across the country. That was the beginning of the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing company. From here, the Hidden Valley brand has flourished and has come to be one of America’s most sought-after condiments.


Now when you think of Hidden Valley Ranch, you can usually imagine the salad dressing that is the most commonly used. The company is not limited to just the original ranch dressing, they also have a variety of other flavors. From buttermilk to cucumber basil to even bacon ranch, the company produces different types of ranch flavors for different uses. The Hidden Valley product listings are bottle dressing & dips, ranch seasoning mixes, pasta salads, and salad toppings. Each category corresponds to how the sauces can be used.

On the Hidden Valley website, they offer multiple recipes (as of right now, they have a total of 599 recipes listed) that you can follow and cook for you and your family or for gatherings. Listed below are just a couple of recipes the website offers.

Want something for dinner? Try their Crunchy Baked Ranch Chicken

And for something quick and healthy, try their Ranch BLT Fiesta Salad

There are so many recipes to choose from that you'll never have to ask the question of "what should we eat tonight?" again. With just the click of your mouse, you can pull up all kinds of different foods.

Even with all these foods, there is always room for some of Hidden Valley's homemade ranch (because what good is a ranch company without ranch right?) It does not take very long to make these, and it will give you the satisfaction of accomplishment due to you making it yourself to serve to your family. Listed below are just a couple of homemade dressings that might catch your eye.

Homemade Cilantro Ranch Dressing


Homemade Avocado Ranch Dressing


Other than the recipes, the Hidden Valley website offers rewards too. To those who really enjoy the Hidden Valley brand, you can sign up for their Ranchology Rewards and earn badges. After signing up, you can start watching videos, checking out recipes, and many more to accumulate badges. These badges are gifted with swag rewards for any Hidden Valley products like samples, coupons, Hidden Valley gear and many more! Wouldn't it feel twice as nice to both save money and still get to enjoy your favorite ranch? Click here to check out their website and click here to sign up for their rewards program today!

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Koriya ThaoAug 15, 2019