Overwatch Archives: Storm Rising


Through a short teaser trailer, Blizzard has announced new PvE event that will take place between 16th of April and 5th of May in Overwatch. Storm Rising is the third part of Overwatch Archives, a series that aims to show the origins of Overwatch organization.

In the trailer, a woman identifying as Sojourn is briefing Soldier: 76 about objectives of the mission through an encrypted audio-message. According to the trailer, the event will base on a 4-player co-op mode where Tracer, Genji, Winston and Mercy are only playable characters. The mission is to capture Maximilien of Talon operatives.

Together with the limited-time event, we can also expect a release of new cosmetics, bargain prices of the older customization pieces and the return of previous campaign missions – Retribution and Uprising modes. Additionally, Sojourn might turn out to be a completely new playable character.

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Łukasz ŁowczykApr 10, 2019