New features coming to Pokémon GO


Even though players of Pokémon GO can’t really complain about the content updates, Niantic has yet another announcement. Together with new pokémons, developers are to release two completely new features – Lucky Friends and Avatar poses.

Lucky Friends is a feature strongly linked to the community aspect of the game. It might be enjoyed daily by simply interacting by your in-game Best friends. If you fight, both alongside or against your friend, trade or exchange gifts with your friend, you can see a notification that you’re now Best Friends and therefore your next trade is guaranteed to grant you both Lucky Pokémons. These, in turn, cost much less resources to upgrade.


After the transaction is complete, your friendship status will return to Best friends; however, you’ll be able to claim become a Lucky Friend on the very next day by the same means.

Along the addition of Lucky Friends mechanic, Niantic is to release purely cosmetic feature of avatar poses. Bought via Style shop for 500 Coins each, you’ll be able to flex in your profile and friend list. The update is said to release on April 16.

Pokémon GO
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Łukasz ŁowczykApr 10, 2019